Safety Anchor Unit

The safety anchor unit consists of a cylindrical central body with a fixing point for an M8 or M10 bolt. This includes 3 rods with D 8 and L 125 mm. As installation tools there is a widia masonry drill of 8 mm x 250 mm, an assistance rod with an M8 and M10 thread and a hole saw with widia teeth for soft masonry or diamond segments for hard and soft masonry. The hole saw has a diameter of 35 mm. There is also a driving rod with this.


Material: steel

Protection: 12 micron zink


  • Body:
    • Diameter: Ø 35 mm
    • Height: 30 mm
  • Rods
    • Diameter: Ø 8 mm
    • Length: 125 mm
  • Total installation depth: 95 mm (Rods can shortened)
    Rods spreading in the wall at 95 mm = 150 mm.


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